Shiatsu FAQs

Shiatsu Alice Hartley

Is Shiatsu safe?

Yes. We don’t use any high velocity moves during treatment (although I am trained in spinal manipulations if they are appropriate and desired) and all work occurs gently, even when working deeply into the body. Feedback is regularly requested from the receiver to make sure they are getting the treatment that best suits them.

How does it work?

By balancing the tight (over-working) and the weak (under-working) areas in the body using appropriate techniques (releasing or strengthening) the body realigns itself thus promoting better health and optimal function of the body/mind.

Why Shiatsu?

Because it diagnoses the whole picture, seeing not just the symptom but the cause and aims to treat both.

How often should I have Shiatsu?

Generally a course of treatments works better than one-especially for chronic/long held conditions But things can change quickly if the desire is there. Come when you are ready for change.

Can children have Shiatsu?

Yes. I regularly treat children in my practice.

Do you do home visits?

Yes, although a small fee is levied to pay for time and travel costs.