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Shiatsu For Workplace Wellbeing

Shiatsu in the workplace is hugely beneficial. Employees feel revitalised after treatment and ready to engage in work, feeling more dynamic, inspired and focused.

Regular Shiatsu massage in the workplace can help;

  • Decrease the number of stress-related sick days.
  • Address any on-going musculoskeletal issues with your workers.
  • Demonstrate support for your hard-working staff.
  • Increase levels of motivation and morale.
  • Improve productivity and profitability.
  • Enhance employee loyalty and increase staff retention levels.

For shorter sessions, I usually treat people on an “On-site” chair-a special ergonomically designed massage chair-super comfy from the word go! These chairs often slope forward, allowing access to the large muscles of the back, arms and neck.

Shiatsu is ideally suited to the workplace as it is practiced fully clothed, with no need for oils. It can be tailored to your work schedule to be part of your lunch break or at the end of the day. Treatments last 30 minutes.

Workplace clients include NHS-Commissioning, Summerhill Academy, Begbrook Primary School, Bottleyard Studios.

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