Shiatsu & Emmett FAQs

Shiatsu Alice HartleyIs it safe?

Shiatsu – Yes. We don’t use any high velocity moves during treatment (although I am trained in spinal manipulations if they are appropriate and desired) and all work occurs gently, even when working deeply into the body. Feedback is regularly requested from the receiver to make sure they are getting the treatment that best suits them.

Emmett – Yes. Emmett Technique involves a light touch and hardly any manipulation. It is possible to use it on tiny babies, children, with frail or elderly people and everyone else in between. When applied correctly, the body just unwinds itself! It is even possible to “undo” work done if the client becomes uncomfortable during treatment!

How does it work?

Shiatsu – By balancing the tight (over-working) and the weak (under-working) areas in the body using appropriate techniques (releasing or strengthening) the body realigns itself thus promoting better health and optimal function of the body/mind.

Emmett – When the correct points are held together, a message is sent to the brain. The brain then relays this back to the tissue/structure which recalibrates the system, loosening or strengthening tissues accordingly to promote proper alignment and release from pain and restriction. A bit like sorting out the guy ropes on a badly erected tent!

Why Shiatsu?

Because it diagnoses the whole picture, seeing not just the symptom but the cause, and aims to treat both.

Why Emmett?

Because it offers quick relief from physical pain and restriction.

How often should I have Shiatsu / Emmett?

Generally a course of treatments works better than one-especially for chronic/long held conditions But things can change quickly. Come when you are ready for change.

Do you do home visits?

Yes, although a small fee is levied to pay for time and travel costs.