Alice is just an amazing skilled Shiatsu practitioner who works from the heart. She seems to be able to instinctively tap in to problem areas of energy in your body and really help you release stuck tensions to let the energy flow. As well as this, she has a wealth of knowledge about diet, stance, exercise and mental well-being, and the massage is brill. I feel as if I’ve been recharged after a trip to see Alice and have recommended her to friends and family. Her treatment feels very generous and giving and you never feel rushed. Recently I had problems with my milk supply after giving birth and Alice was able to help. After her treatment I felt a lot more able to nurse easily and I’m happy to say my baby and I have gone from strength to strength since then.quote 99

Hannah Fearnley – Mother ESOL teacher Bristol

Emmett bodywork is an incredible system for treating the whole person. Alice brings a depth of understanding and wisdom about the body to every session.  I have experienced massive benefits from Emmett treatment including pinpointing the cause of a long term hip issue that was causing me ongoing discomfort. It is incredible to experience direct feedback when Alice uses Emmett. It helps the body remember how it is meant to be aligned. You can feel it working. Alice is a wonderful practitioner who has such enthusiasm and compassion to help us feel more at home in our bodies. I wholly hearted recommend her to anyone.quote 99

J Chew-Yoga and Mindfulness teacher

Alice is a truly gifted healer. Her care, professionalism and passion for shiatsu is always with her in every treatment. I have a session with Alice every month and it has become a key part of my self-care routine. A treatment with her is always a nourishing and uplifting experience. Everyone should have an Alice.quote 99

Rachel Fleming- Yoga teacher

Having smoked for 25 years I wanted to stop for my health. I thought I would always be a smoker and never felt that I had enough will power to stop altogether. I came across Alice Hartley and decided acupuncture was the way to go (I had tried other methods that hadn’t worked). I had never had acupuncture before and didn’t know what to expect. It was a fun experience with Alice and we laughed all through the treatment. She is a wonderful practitioner and I have recommended her to anyone I know who wants to stop smoking. I have been a non-smoker from the 5th of November 2007 and feel the benefits daily, it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done!!

Thank you Alice for saving my life!!quote 99

Kate Kelvin – Make up artist